QB/B Mesh Drill

QB/B Mesh Drill

This drill is exactly what the name implies.  We are going to practice the QB/B mesh on the Veer play.  We teach this drill in 3 phases and then put it all together full speed with the QB reading #1 for Give.Keep decision:

  1. 1st Step - The first part that we teach is called "1st step."  QB and B's will pair up.  QB will put the ball in his left hand, call the cadence and snap the ball into his right hand.  One QB will call the cadence and all the pairs will execute their 1st step on 12 or 13 (QB will really take 2 steps).  We are looking for a "hop" from the QB (step-step).  QB will step with playside foot first and it should land at a 90 angle from its starting point.  QB's will take 2nd step with backside foot.  The 2nd step should land slightly farther playside than the 1st step (toe-instep).  We want the QB to gain ground on both steps.  QB should have ball back, arms extended with head/chest up in a balanced stance.  Chin should be on upfield shoulder with eyes on Read key.  QB shouldn't be hunched over or leaning.  The B should take his 1st step with playside foot and create a pocket for the ball.  We tell the B to work "knuckle to nipple" on the pocket with backside arm.  His eyes should be looking thru the ball for the Action key.
  2. FIT - The second part is called the "Fit."  QB is already in his hop position with the ball back and eyes on read.  B back will place his 2nd or 3rd step (depending on your B back) even with the QB's back foot and form a pocket for the ball (inside arm up).   The ball should fit the QB and B together.  QB will call cadence and the B will move forward while the QB rides the ball forward towards his front hip.  B will clamp down as he steps forward.  If ball is in his belly when he reaches the QB's front foot, then he expects to take the ball.  QB will work on riding the B back through the mesh and either giving the ball or pulling the ball.  When the QB disconnects from the B, he should drive back foot and knee up to emphasize the weight shift necessary to move quickly off the mesh to next phase of the option. ******On the Navy video, you will see that the B back will FIT on the 2nd step (inside foot).  Coach Wheaton at Harding will FIT on the 3rd step (outside foot).  Our B back this year hit the mesh on his 2nd step so that is what we practiced.*********
  3. HOOK UP - This part combines the first 2 drills.  QB and B will start from their 1st step positions.  QB will call cadence and B back will work through the FIT full speed.  Coach Wheaton calls this drill "FULL SPEED."

The last part is the actual MESH DRILL.  QB and B will work through a variety of plays (Veer, Midline, Counter Option, Counter Speed) at full speed.  Most of the time will be spent on Veer.  A coach will serve as the Read key (#1).  You can add a 2nd coach to the drill to serve as Pitch key (#2) and have another player be a stationary pitch man.

These drills are vital to developing proper timing and execution of the mesh.  During the Spring and Summer practices we will run the 1st step, Fit and Hook Up drills every day, followed by Mesh drill.  As we get into the season, we will only do those drills periodically.  Most of our emphasis during the season will go to Mesh Drill.

Coaching points on the Mesh:

  • Ensure there is no "air time" on the mesh (when QB's 2nd step hits and the ball is back, the B back has to hit the FIT).  Adjust B back alignment forward/backward to eliminate air time.
  • QB has to get the ball back on the Hop.  "Ball beats your feet."  Don't let him bring ball into his midsection and then stick ball back.
  • QB has to be balanced on the Hop, not hunched over.  "Set it on the table."
  • QB has to Hop (2 quick steps).  "Step-Step."  Don't let him take a big step backwards.
  • QB has to get eyes on Read key (#1) right away.
  • B cannot false step.  Leave on "t" in Set.  Gain ground with playside foot.
  • B has to make correct pocket and roll shoulders down (clamp) from the 2nd to 3rd step (or 3rd to 4th step - depending on the speed of your B).  He cannot grab the ball.
  • B has to look thru the ball at his aiming point and read the Action Key (1st DL inside the Read key).

If you have any questions, please contact me.  Check out the link below to see video of these drills.