Group Option Drill

The Group Option Drill is part of our Every Day Drills (E.D.D.'s) and it's geared towards improving the timing and execution of our Skill players (QB/B/A) in the option game.  We do this drill after our Indy periods.  During Indy drills, our QB/B's would have worked on steps and mesh, and the A backs would have gone through Motion drills and blocking drills.  Now it's time to put these groups together to work on the Option.  I like to utilize our WR's in this drill as well, but it isn't a necessity.  You can do it with just the QB/B/A.


We normally move this drill around (left hash, middle, right hash), and normally run the ball into the boundary when it's on the hash.  You will need cones and/or line split hose to give the A's landmarks to know where to line up (Outside leg of Tackle), and also to give the B an aiming point (Inside leg of Guard).  Additionally, you might need some cones or bags to help correct the path and footwork of the skills players at times.  These tools help players understand the importance of correct paths and the need to eliminate false steps.  We will also use blocking bags/shields to work on blocking technique during this drill.


You will usually need 4 players to act as defenders during each snap.  As you'll see on the video, coaches can serve as #1 or #2 if you have enough coaches on staff.  We don't have enough, so I'll use our JV B back to be #1, and I'll usually be #2.  The other 2 defenders are #3 (run support player) and Near Deep Defender.  We'll change up the coverages between Cov 4 (Quarters) and Cov 2.  We normally don't work Load during this drill unless it is our first time installing the Load tag.  We'll cover Load when we go to Pods, so it's not necessary to work it in Group Option.  If you're not having the WR's in the drill, then you will only need 1 player to be #3.


We run Inside Veer for the majority of the period.  We will also work on Midline Double, Midline Triple, Toss, Counter Trap Option and Counter Speed Option from time to time as well.


As you watch the drills, notice the tempo of the A backs on their Arc blocks.  You'll also notice the different looks that the coaches are giving for #1 and #2.  They are going to throw in 3-2 exchanges, Blood stunts and Up stunts.  You are also going to adjust coverage to keep the A's and WR's on their toes with the count.

Let me know if you have any questions.  Enjoy.