Keys to Inside Veer - E.D.D.

The base play in the Flexbone is the Inside Veer play, called 12/13.  This is the play that we've got to make go.  Most problems that I see on tape with the Veer play can usually be attributed to one or more of the following:

  1. Poor timing or execution of the QB/B mesh,
  2. Improper timing, spacing or path of the A back (pitch man).
  3. OL slow off the ball and pad level too high.

To run the Veer play successfully, we've got to have proper execution and timing down after down.  That means devoting a significant portion of our practice time to the perfection of the skills listed above.  In the next few blogs, we will look at the E.D.D.'s (Every Day Drills) that are essential to develop proper timing and execution, which allows us to "play fast.  The way that we practice is the single determining factor on our success come game night.

The key practice drills that we must work on every day are:

QB/B Mesh

A back Motions

3 on 3 Drill

Pods Drill

Group Option


I will talk about each of these drills in upcoming blogs.