Game Planning Worksheet

In this blog post we will discuss our game planning worksheet that each coach fills in during film study and how we decide and organize our formations and why we do these each week.

The diagrams below will show what each position coach is looking for in film study and how we integrate those into one document.

OL Sheet.PNG
RB Sheet.PNG
WR Sheet.PNG
QB Sheet.PNG



First off, we keep this spreadsheet in a google sheets document in our team google drive account.  The great thing about google sheets is it allows you to work on filling in your questions while another coach can be in the same document working on his film study and it saves it all as you work. This allows us to have a working document in one space for all the coaches to see and use.


As you can see there are several questions our coaches are looking for answers to in their opponent film study.  I believe these questions are essential to our game planning but I also feel it gives ownership to our coaches. For example, our OL coach can really become the expert at understanding the opponents defensive lineman, and how they play, how they move, how they fit within a certain scheme and how that will impact our game plan for that given week. He is asked for input and we collaborate on the needs of the week.  Each coach works on these tasks as they watch film on Sunday and because they can access it anywhere they have the freedom to be at home or wherever to work on it. We come together Sunday afternoon and spend time discussing what we found, how we need to attack our opponent and what skills and drills we need by position that week. This spreadsheet also has several tabs that can help the play caller with what formations and plays to carry that week.


Full Google Sheets Game Planning Form (Click this link)


Our next blog post will continue with an emphasis on game planning with regards to formations and why we use them and as always feel free to discuss blog posts or ask questions on our forum page located here:  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on twitter @runthetriple or my email address

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