Naked and Boot Concepts

In this blog post we will discuss naked and Boot concepts off of toss (58/59).  The first concept we will touch on is a naked concept. The diagram below highlights the protection and the routes.

358 - 359 Naked.PNG

This concept is one we have used quite a bit. The protection is similar to playaction off toss for us. The only exception is we wouldn’t turn back at all as the QB is leveraging the pocket away for the toss action.  The BSA must sell toss and the QB must execute a great toss fake. The playside WR will take the top off the coverage and clear out the two underneath zones. We typically don’t have that throw in the read on this play unless we feel we can take a shot, one on one.  The PSA will run what we call a drive route. He starts to drag playside and once he clears his playside backer he will gain width and depth, working to the far hash 8-10 yards from the LOS. This is our first read for the QB. The B back will take veer path away, but instead of blocking the edge defender he will work into the flat right away.  His route needs to be no deeper than 3 yards, as we don’t want him to drift into the drive route by the PSA. This is the second read for the QB. If the 1st and 2nd reads are covered then we ask the QB to use his feet to get us a manageable gain.


To further the QB’s progression, If we know we are getting a single high zone coverage concept we will have the QB get his eyes to the OLB to the naked side after his fake.  This will allow him to process what the flat defender is doing and can accelerate his reads and throws. If we get a single high man coverage concept we will process the same way but we know that the B back could be open immediately based on the backfield action and the coverage principles.  If we get a 2 high coverage concept we will process pre-snap the alignment of the corner. If he is below the hard deck we will read him for our progression. If he is above, we will read the OLB to the naked side.

Hard Deck.PNG



The next concept we will discuss is 358/359 Boot. We go from a 5 man protection, two a 6 man protection. We add the BSA into the flat and we use a double flex formation to put the BSWR as the drive route player. We also change the PSWR’s route to a corner. In this protection we add in the PSWR as the 1st read because the B back blocking the edge gives us the time to do that.  As a rule we try and get that BSA through C gap under the B backs block if we can but we teach him to read the B backs block for his exit angle. Because the PSWR is in the read, we have the QB process the corners pre-snap alignment. If he is below the hard deck we teach the QB to include the corner route in his reads, and we have the QB verify post snap, off the fake if the corner is sitting in the flat. If the corner is a flat player then we typically have a corner to drive to run progression.  If the corner is above the hard deck or works to a deep zone off a below hard alignment post snap, then we typically have a Drive to Flat to Run progression because the corner route is capped pre-snap. This play gives you a complementary playaction off toss and a passing play out of double flex.

358-359 Boot.PNG
358-359 Boot Post Throwback.PNG

The last concept we will discuss is a post throwback concept off toss. We typically run this out of double flex and there is only two routes in the concept.  We add the BSA into the protection to make a 7 man protection, and give the QB plenty of time to read and to give the PSWR plenty of time to get through the route.  This play is typically a big hitter or explosive as we are trying to hit the post as our 1st read. We really like this play vs. an aggressive playside safety. We teach the BSA to fit into the protection under the B backs block like he would be running his boot route. But again, he must read the B backs block to know exactly where to fit.  We rarely get into a 2nd read progression with the QB but on occasion we will hit that drive route in a vacated zone if the post is covered. We teach the QB to read that playside safety off his fake vs. any 2 high coverage concepts. If the safety is rotating hard across on the toss fake then we know we are throwing the post as a throwback to the far hash as soon as the QB can square his shoulders.  If in a single high coverage concept, we read the corner off the fake, but again if we as a staff know the MOF safety is running into the alley hard we make sure the QB throws that post throwback as soon as his shoulders are square.



Our next blog post will continue with Passing Game Schemes with an emphasis on Boot Concepts off Inside Veer and as always feel free to discuss blog posts or ask questions on our forum page located here:  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on twitter @runthetriple or my email address