Solving Video Issues Viewing Clips on This Site




I know some of you have seen and have been frustrated that the clips and plays on the site will not play properly or you can’t view them. The pop up on the screen asks you to download Microsoft Silverlight. Well, Silverlight is no longer supported in Chrome, Edge, and the new Firefox web browsers. Fortunately for now, you can work around that by doing a few simple steps.  First off, you have to find the old Internet Explorer prior to the switch over to Microsoft Edge, Explorer 11 works great for me. For Windows 10 users, that resides in the start menu. Just scroll down in the alphabetical list of applications and find the IE Icon, for home users it resides in the Windows Accessories folder, for using at schools or work it should reside under your county/school/work applications.   I have provided a picture below:






Once you have figured out this step, the rest are easy. Open Internet Explorer and go to the Flexbone Nation Site, click on any of your favorite drills or plays and start watching immediately.

I have included a picture below:






As always,  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on twitter @runthetriple or my email address


I wish you all the best,


Matt McLeod

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