In the PART 4, we’re going to look at running the Toss play against 8 man front defenses (4-2, 3-3 and BEAR versions of both).  Against those defenses, the Toss play is very good because you’re putting the force/flat player in a conflict, especially once you start to incorporate play action off of it.  From our Base formation of SPREAD, the FS may or may not be blocked.  The success of the play depends upon what #2 is doing.  If #2 is up on the LOS and giving us Blood stunts, then there’s a chance that our PST will pick up #2, allowing the PSA to work for PSLB or FS, whichever is the most immediate threat.  If #2 is flying out rather than Blood stunt to QB, then the PSA will pick up #2.  The PST will now work for PSLB to FS.  We tell the ballcarrier that he always has to make at least one man miss.

Against the 8 man fronts, we can use all of the formation and tag adjustments that we’ve spoken about before in previous posts.  


Against the Flex formation, #2 in the 8 man fronts will usually loosen, not tighten down.  Usually, we will use the SWAP tag and put the PSWR on #2.  PST and PSA would now wrap for the CB and either FS or PSLB.  We are hoping that the PSLB gets caught up in the trash of the WR’s block and then the PST can block the FS and spring us.


The OVER formation is a very good formation adjustment to use against a 8 man fronts because we usually get a numbers advantage or leverage advantage.  Against the Over formation, we will use the same principles that we did against 6-1 fronts.  The Inside WR will use the same rules that he did for the 6-1 look.  The “shell” looks the same for him.  If we give him SWAP tag, then he’ll block #2 if possible.  If not, he’ll work for the Near Safety (FS).  Again, we’re looking for the defense to make some type of adjustment that will give us an advantage to the nub side.


I don’t have a ton of cutups on the TOSS play against 8 man fronts, because we haven’t seen a lot of 8 man fronts the last 2 season.  What you will find on the cutups is a couple against 4-2 and the 3-3 Stack.  You’ll also see Bear front variations out of both of those defenses.  If you have any questions, please email me.


A lot of coaches have been asking for more information on the Mid Triple play, so that’s what we’ll be discussing next.  Thanks again for checking out the blog.  Please subscribe to get updates or join the message board to join in our discussions.