The base play in the Flexbone is the Inside Veer.  If you can't get this play to go, you're going to have problems running this offense successfully.  You have to commit a majority of your practice time to the play in order to run it effectively.  There are lots of different ways to block the Inside Veer and lots of different theories out there about it.  I'm going to give you the version I learned directly from Todd Spencer, Ken Niumatololo, Jeff Monken, and Ivin Jasper in 2006 when I got hired by Paul Johnson.  I'm going to go over our basic Inside Veer Rules for a 7 man front (50 or 4-3 defense).  I won't talk about any tags or special adjustments yet, just plain Jane Inside Veer.

We already know the count system, so the theory of this play is to isolate 2 defenders (#1 and #2-or Dive/Pitch keys) and present them with 3 running threats (Dive, Keep, Pitch).  On the playside, we are going to block 2 defenders on the perimeter.  We are also going to utilize a concept called "Over-Under" (courtesy of Kenny Wheaton) to put 2 OL on the possible paths of the PSLB.  The Over is when the PSLB flows over the top or scrapes outside.  The Under is when the PSLB hits inside A or B gap.  We're also going to work our Center to the Playside A gap and have the BSG/BST scoop their respective inside gaps, working towards the football.

Here are the OL Blocking rules.  They are based off of the PSG being covered (2i/2/3) or uncovered (Uncle Bob/Mike-based on LB look).  Our OL make calls every play.  This helps everyone (OL, QB, B) know what the looks are upfront, and what rules/techniques we're using on the play.

Flexbone Nation

Flexbone Nation

I'll add some blocking diagrams for the whole thing in upcoming blog posts.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  Also, please join the Message Board/Forum.  It's 100% free, but we do require that you use your real name.