Over Formation: 1st adjustment to run Veer

One of the first adjustments that we will usually make during a game is to change formations.  Normally, our first adjustment to regular Spread formation (2x2), will be to get into an Over formation (2 receivers to the same side).  We would then look at the defense and "run at the numbers" (count each side to see where we have a numerical advantage).  If there are 4.5 defenders or less to the "nub" side (away from WR's), then that's where we'll run.  If there are 5 or more to the nub side, then we'll run to the WR side where we should have an extra blocker.

All of our run game options are there:

  • Inside Veer
  • Toss
  • Midline Double
  • Zone Dive
  • Midline Triple

With the passing game, we are still able to throw out of the Over formation.  Normally, we will throw Verticals to our eligible recievers off of Midline action, with no motion.  We can also shift our A-backs onto the LOS to make our two WR's eligible downfield.  This is my favorite formation to use against a 50 defense to run Veer.  It's also my favorite formation to use to throw against a 4-2 or 3-3 Stack defense.


The main run play to this side is Inside Veer.  You have to make sure that your A-back understands the blocking scheme when he doesn't have a WR outside of him.  He has to Arc block that #3 defender wherever he's lined up at, or in the case of an 8 man front, he's got to Seal ILB to #3.  This is like stealing against most 50 defenses.  You'll run into the boundary all night, until they change fronts.  Midline Triple is also a good play to the nub side because of the Counter flow action involved.


We will run Inside Veer to the WR side if the numbers dictate,, but that is rare against a 50.  It's common against a 4-2 defense, and we generally have good success if our WR's are able to effectively able to block the playside CB and FS.  This allows our PSA to stay on PSLB.

We are also going to run Toss to the 2 WR side quite a bit, which will set up Zone Dive and Mid Double.  Eventually, we will run it enough over there to get a chance to take a shot with a throw of some sort (Switch route, or Verticals).


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